Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Relae, Copenhagen

Relae, Copenhagen – May 3, 2012, 4-course 355 dk

The restaurant was opened a year ago with rave review. One article has mentioned it as the best deals in Copenhagen. So I made the reservation before I left for the trip. The restaurant is not lavishly decorated at all. Customers provide self-service to set-up the utensils from the 2nd course on. There is one little drawer at each customer’s right hand of the dining table. Inside the drawer, there are a few sets of utensils. As each customer finished the course just served, the customer will replenish with the fresh set from the drawer. The restaurant was very efficiently run by two waiters and two chefs. Both chefs have come to our table and explained to us how the dishes were prepared.

1st course was “Hake, Leeks and Salted Bergamot." It was slowed cooked hake with very tender texture and flavor wrapped in leek leaves. The slow cook process made the texture tenderer and leek leaves were neither undercooked nor overcooked.

2nd course was “Marabel Potato, Seaweed and Pecorino." It was spaghetti potatoes rolled and shaped in egg-shape and served in herb and Romano cheese sauce”. It is another well-balanced dish. Potatoes were not overly cooked. It had just the right softness to get the string-shaped potatoes rolled in egg-shaped.

3rd course was “Veal with Carrot and Fennel Pollen." It was roasted veal cheek in red wine sauce with sliced and cooked carrots on top. The customer sitting at the next table actually asked me to let him have my plate if I didn’t like any of the dishes I ordered.

4th course was desert “Sunchoke, Malt and Bread." It was a naturally sourced simplicity with balanced taste. Its 4-course tasting menu offers the best value/dollar for a Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen.

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