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Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen

Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen – May 1, 2012

Kong Hans is located in a building used as King Han’s hay storage. It was built with pointed ceiling with angles so that partition can be erected for fire prevention purpose. When it was used as a restaurant, the partition were removed, however, the previous structure is still visible. It looks very interesting and is associated with Relais & Chateau.

I ordered a tasting menu. To start with, we had some nuts and quail eggs as Amuse Bouche. There are two types of flavor, one was pickled and the other one was smoked with the shell on which was to be served with the flavored dip. I happened to like the smoked eggs better. The restaurant made excellent miniature rye bread which looked like some tiny bread loaves. We were also served with some small shrimp salad and oysters on the shell. I have never had this type of small shrimp before. They were quite tender and tasty. The Nordic cold water produced excellent quality of seafood.

1st course was “Frothy Carrots & Sea buckthorn Berries with Langoustines." The langoustines certainly were finely prepared in saffron sauce.

2nd course - “Haddock & Mussels with Parsley, two ways from Lammefjorden." The size of mussel was certainly very impressive, the largest that I have ever seen. Both mussel and haddock were from the Nordic region, therefore, the quality and taste were different from what I normally get from NYC.

3rd course - “Lobster Roasted with Licorice Root." I usually hate anything flavored with licorice. But, this dish with very mildly flavored licorice actually yielded a very balanced flavor and the lobster is very tender, not over-cooked.

4th course - “Spring Lamb Assortment, Morel ragout with fermented garlic & grilled spring onions." The Spring Lamb was from the French Pyrenees region. I have heard last year while I was travelling in the Rhone valley region that the Pyrenees region’s lamb providing extraordinary taste because of the salty grass fed to the lamb. I ordered the lamb rare-medium and it was properly prepared.

5th course - “A selection of Mature European Cheese." I had one type out of each category served with their house-made jam such as passion fruit/pumpkin flavor and black currant flavor.

6th course was a desert, more of a palate cleaner. I requested for “Blood Orange Sorbet” as a substitute for “Dried Apples & Nuts” in the original menu. It was full of blood orange flavor and very pleasing. I wouldn’t mind to have another serving.

7th course was “Ice Cream of 100% Chocolate & Prunes, Almond custard & pickled cherries." Chocolate and prune go together very well and the pickled cherries and custard balanced out with the chocolate. After this desert we were served a tray of petite- four. We were so full at this moment; we had to ask the waitress to pack the petite-four for us. She somehow figured out that we liked the miniature rye bread; she also put extra rye breads in our take-home bag.

Kong Han’s Kaelder is an elegant place to have an enjoyable fine dining experience, deserving its one Michelin star.

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