Monday, October 5, 2015

Sadler, Milan

Sadler, Milan, Italy, 9/24/2015, 75 Euro

The restaurant, with two Michelin star, is named after owner/chef Sadler, with a lot of contemporary paintings on the wall. It is located on the edge of Milan, you have to take the metro then bus. Anyway, it was a challenge to find it. Since I had another appointment at a Michelin 3-star restaurant the following day, I decided to choose a small menu, Young Menu comprised of 3 courses.

Amuse Bouche – 2 courses

1).Burrata cheese with broccoli juice, chopped black olive and bread crumb on top

Burrata cheese has a lighter texture than Mozzarella and is a bit more flavorful and creamier than Mozzarella.

2).Cream of potato and mussel (at the bottom), fried rice and tomato chunk. Mussel was fresh, plump and juicy.

3).Fried Cod fish and potato ball – well prepared. It was not too salty or greasy.

4).Corn chip cup filled with Robiola cheese and Rescione (smoked salmon roe).

II. Roast beef with orchid flower, mashed pumpkin, and a bit of chili green powder. Roast beef was of prime quality in rare medium.

House-made bread with tomato, egg plants, mozzarella and oregano. It was almost like a half-way pizza. In addition, bread sticks were served.

1st Course – Black Cod fillet, goat milk caviar, smoked potato foam, buckwheat flour gnocchetti and marinated spring onion, arugula salad.

Black cod was cooked rare-medium with crunchy skin. Goat milk caviar is not goat cheese, it was jello made from goat milk. Smoked potato foam made sauce tasty. Orange colored salmon roe helped to balance out the creamy taste of the sauce.

House-made olive bread, grissini, and bruschetta were served.

2nd Course – Lamb rib with foie gras, wrapped in almond & crust fried

Lamb rib was wrapped in crust, coated with almond, and filled with foie gras and black truffles. There were 7 large slices of truffles on the side. In addition, there were snow peas, white radish, celery, fennel, zucchini, baby carrot and beet powder (on the lower right hand side of the photo). It was a very sophisticated dish. The tastiest item in this plate was the sauce made of lamb juice and truffle (served in the bowl). It was rather odd that with all the rich ingredients used, this dish was good, but not exceptionally good. I remembered three years ago I had a lamb dish at L’Epicure in Paris. Its signature dish Lamb with Nori, with sauce on the side, was so finger licking good that the server was kind enough to provide me with 2nd serving of sauce.

3rd Course – Chocolate Decadent

White chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, mango cream, dark chocolate crumb and crisps and white chocolate ice cream. In addition, there were two twigs of mint leaves for decoration and eating.

Petit Four – from L to R, yogurt with white chocolate and lime (sbrisolone), orange peel covered with dark chocolate, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, a chocolate cup and a cookie.

I noticed white chocolate ice cream had a distinctive yellow color. After meal, I asked the head chef and was informed that white chocolate ice cream was made from a specially treated eggs. Ingredients used in all courses were with good quality. However, there wasn’t any dish standout to offer a perfectly sumptuous taste.

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