Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal 10/24/12

I have read Chef Heston Blumenthal’s name and Fat Duck many times. Since Fat Duck is located outside of city of London, it would be time consuming to dine out there. In addition, Blumenthalhas assigned Fat Duck’s executive chef as Dinner at Heston Blumenthal’s (DHB) executive chef. I, therefore, decided to try out at DHB. DHB had an open kitchen with glasses surrounded all sides. I was seated right by the kitchen and could see the activities inside the kitchen clearly. There were four peeled pineapple hung on the counter. It looked cute and I found out a few days later that pineapple also symbolizing for welcome to the guests.

I had a lunch there. It was a 3-course prix-fixed menu.

Appetizer - “Dressed Snails with Parsley, Beetrot, Salty fingers and Red Wind Juice." The red wine juice was quite tasty, snails were plump and tender. Salty fingers were sautéed julienned fennel roots. It was a very well-balanced and flavored appetizer.
Main Course - “Roast Ray Wing with Parsnip, butter milk puree, sea aster, brown butter and capers." This was the 1st time that I have ever had Ray. It was a bit like skate, however tastier than skate. Ray flesh had less long tissue like skate and is tenderer. It was also the 1st time that I had a new vegetable “sea astor”. Sea astor looked almost like spinach except its leaves were with even width. It was a vegetable grown in land even though it had a name “sea astor”. It tasted less tarry than spinach and with more refreshing taste in the mouth. When I placed the order, I strongly emphasized that I hate overcooked fish. I was glad that Ray was well prepared, medium and not overcooked.
Desert - Sambocade (Goats Milk Cheese Cake, enderflower and fig). I don’t remember that I had no-bake goat cheese cheesecake before. But, this one was certainly the best goat cheese cheese cake that I have ever had. I requested for another order for take-out. Unfortunately, I was told by the manager that DHB did not offer any take-out dishes. Nor did they share any of the recipes. I was truly disappointed. After the cheesecake, I was served with a complimentary small portion of desert comprised of ¼ cup of chocolate mousse and a cookie. Cookie is very flaky and buttery with a slight touch of spices. Chocolate mousse was not too sweet and smooth. I definitely had a very good meal. My expectation at the DHB was met.

The general manager found out that I was from NYC and came chatting with me. He and Rouge Tomate’s manager Spencer Weiss were ex-colleagues. What a small world.

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